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The State of the Nation is a survey of Americans about the state of our country. What are the major challenges facing the United States and the world in general? What trends and ideas interest you the most? What concerns you about where we are headed as a nation? And what do you think are our greatest achievements to date? The goal of this project is to paint a picture of how Americans view the world and their place in it as we meet age-old challenges with modern solutions. Your participation in the project provides a unique view of the current State of the Nation.

The State of the Nation project is funded by the National Science Foundation and is being conducted by Professor Lynn Vavreck at UCLA and Professor Doug Rivers at Stanford University. The State of the Nation is a nation-wide survey of adults living in the United States. The information from the poll is used to help sociologists, economists, political scientists, and psychologists understand what Americans think about the important issues facing them today—and how that compares to the way previous generations thought about their problems.

As results come in, we will write about them here. Check back for updates!

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Privacy Policy

As professors at two of our nation's leading research universities, we take your privacy very seriously and will respect your confidentiality at all times. All responses remain anonymous and no identifying information is ever released under any circumstances. Our universities have reviewed and approved this project and confirmed that our privacy protection plan meets the highest standards required by the best universities around world.